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Hybrid converter

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They were bred in Canada by leading experts in the field of plant breeding. The aim of the scientists was to receive from the new breed of dietary meat on an industrial scale. Get a hybrid managed by crossing chested Bronze turkeys and white Dutch. Today the cross is listed among the leaders in popularity among all the turkeys of the world, and selling it grow steadily. For the tendency to gain a lot of weight of Hybrid converter turkey farmers earned the nickname "indostraus".
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Of Hybrid Converter - a bird with white feathers and a broad chest. In a powerful beak is bright red wart-earring. The head is small, although the bird muscled and agile. At the converter, especially in males, beautiful luxuriant plumage on the tail - when raspushivaetsya turkey, it looks like a big fluffy ball. Pooh this cross is very much appreciated because of its softness and lightness. It is noted that turkeys can fly up to a height of two meters and run at a speed of 45 km / h.

Trot birds in spring or winter. Within three months of turkey lays about 50 eggs and incubates large turkeys about 29 days, away from the dangers of litter, heating and bringing food. Since priёmyshey female zaklёvyvayut, farmers are advised to give her a few hours to sit on the eggs, and only then, at the end of the day, implanting poults. The rest of the character of the birds calm and they rarely fight amongst themselves.

Of Hybrid converter must be kept in a dry, airy and warm room, in the absence of drafts. While immunity from cross-country strong, it is advisable to vaccinate all the youngsters.