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Product Catalog: ROSS 308

ROSS 308

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Carcass yellow, high ratio of feeding and growth. The main feature - the chicken broiler ROSS-708 is growing very fast. When you choose the right mode of feeding and maintenance, quality food, ready Russian life is about thirty-five days, the live weight of chickens will reach 2.9 kg. This is the best result among broiler breeds.
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FEATURES broilers ROSS 308:

  • Rapid growth, the possibility of early slaughtering.
  • More muscle mass.
  • Bright skin.
  • High performance.

The gain of body weight per day at the right breast and the content ranges from 52 to 58 grams. Powerful muscle mass broiler chickens ROSS 308 is formed at an early age. The optimal time for slaughtering the breed is considered to be age from six to nine weeks. At this point, the chickens have to weigh up to two kilograms.

Adult broiler chicken ROSS 308 gives a lot of eggs, most of which have high rates of hatchability during incubation


  • Excellent liveweight gain.
  • The low cost of the finished meat.
  • Large and strong legs.
  • Excellent feed conversion on.
  • White and large breasts.
  • Remarkable figures for survival.