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Product Catalog: Grade Maker

Hybrid Grade Maker

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Hybrid turkeys of Hybrid Grade Maker was launched by professional veterinarians in Canada. It is little common in our country, because it is a thermophilic. But, despite this, this breed poultry sold in many Russian stores. Cross is a moderate and popular due to its fast growth and a good immune system. It is less whimsical to the content and resistant to disease. And the main criterion by which the experienced farmers choose the cross of Hybrid Grade Maker is a high meat precocity.
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Turkey this breed has a white, fluffy tail and broad, powerful chest. Males gain to 140 days of life of about 18-20 kilogram. Females are 126 days to weigh about 10 kilograms. Despite its disease resistance, birds are sensitive to cold and dampness. Turkeys are very conflicting birds and often fight among themselves.

If you have this hybrid correctly, it will bring considerable profit. To do this, you must take into account all the features of the breed of Hybrid Grade Maker and know the rules of creating the most favorable conditions for turkeys. Without this we can not guarantee the quality of the bird and its 100% health.

Using cross Grade Maker allows you to receive the optimum size of the carcass and of excellent quality without the use of intensive rearing methods. Bird less demanding on the growing conditions and more resistant to diseases compared with heavy crosses, and its main feature - high meat ripening and ready for slaughter have 10-12 week. Weight gain turkeys for 140 days of 18-20 kg. Turkeys of 10 days for 126 kg.

Cross of Hybrid Grade Maker unpretentious in the content, is fast ripening, high return on investment and excellent quality of meat products. Therefore it enjoys high sales among medium-sized turkeys.