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Veterinary support customers

Veterinary Department is a constituent unit of LLC "Stimulus". The work of the veterinary department in conjunction with the technology service professionals & nbsp; is directed to mutually beneficial results of agricultural products and company & nbsp.; We offer a range of measures to protect the farms from the introduction and spread of pathogens and minimizing otnih losses. The purpose of these events - the cultivation of healthy birds and receive high-quality products, therefore, a stable income.

Technological support customers

After-sales technical support and feeding programs - demand farms of all types of services Incentive.

Constant attention to the latest developments, innovations and their own experience of making fodder makes us experts irreplaceable assistants technologists. The most important result of the collaboration is to increase the profits of their clients businesses continued growth and development.

The main activities of the veterinary department:

  • Conducting epidemiological survey of poultry farms;
  • Advisory - methodical and practical help to those skilled farms;
  • Drawing up effective prevention of disease in birds
  • Participation in trade fairs, seminars, congresses;
  • The introduction of the poultry of the latest developments in the field of veterinary animal production science;
  • Developing and maintaining long-term relationships with clients.

Technical support products:

  • Selection of this herd needed prescriptions, dosage recommendations in order of entry in the specific conditions of a farm, a telephone and remote issues, leaving experts to factories.
  • Counselling and support for highly qualified specialists in the field of poultry feed

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