Supply of hatching eggs, the implementation of day-old Chicks, broiler

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ООО «Стимул» modern, diversified, dynamic agricultural enterprise, formed in 2012. For more than five years is the exclusive representative of the largest European producers of breeding poultry products in the countries of the Customs Union (Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus) and has the exclusive right of supply of hatching eggs and chicks produced Mach Drubezh (Czech Republic), Mach Hydina (Slovakia), Baromfi COOP (Hungary). Parent flocks are equipped and controlled by Cobb Germany.

Our company offers its partners hatching eggs of the best world producers of poultry cross. 75% of sales are in the Cobb-500, 23% - cross ROSS - ROSS 308 and - 708.

Our mission

Our goal: to become the leading company in Russia on the supply and production of hatching eggs. His mission, a company with extensive experience, we can see in the provision of goods and services the highest quality, which can not provide no other company. Our values: to act for the benefit of all who are close to us, but above all for the benefit of our customers. We will supply the market with the highest quality hatching eggs