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Product Catalog: Bronze 708

Bronze chested

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This large beautiful bird - the result of collective work of breeders of several countries. Initially brought her to the United States, crossing the wild American individual with the British black turkey, so everyday life bird is often called "American". Then UK Orlopp Bronze original forms were received. Later they were used in France, where it is produced today this wonderful heavy cross.
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Cross allows to obtain in a very short period of dietary meat of excellent quality. Young growth is increasing rapidly, as early as four months specimens usually weigh at least 5 kg, and the meat they have in this age especially gentle. Despite the impressive dimensions, the birds eat not too much food. They give a mash, grains, bone meal, fresh grass. Meals should be balanced with vitamin and mineral supplements.

The average weight of six-month turkeys marketable condition - 17 kg and turkeys - 11 kg. More often culling practiced in the age of 21-23 weeks, when the males weigh about 14 kg, and females - about 8 kg. They can gain weight and twice as much, but it is devoid of economic feasibility because of the need to feed the birds, which increases substantially as they grow.

Egg production in turkeys is very high: at least - 75, maximum - 155 eggs per year. They have highly developed maternal instinct. And willing to hatch eggs and chickens, geese, guinea fowl, and then take care of excellent breeding. Is fertilized about 80% of the eggs, poults yield is 70 to 75%. The survival rate of chicks - very high.

Among all the modern varieties of turkeys "Bronze chested" deservedly occupies a leading place. Through a "bouquet" of advantages Bronze The cross-708 is in high demand, and farmers, and fanciers.